Mr Ian Reilly MSc FCPodS FFPM RCPS(Glasg)

VerrucaeVerrucae (pedal warts) that have resisted other forms of treatment may be surgically excised. This form of treatment has the highest success rate of all treatments (80%) but requires the use of a local anaesthetic. The main complications are scarring (10% risk) and recurrence (10% risk).

Other minor corns and skin tags may be removed during an out-patient appointment.

Nail surgery

Ingrown ToenailThe usual cause of an ingrown toenail is a sharp edge of nail that has not been cut properly.  Tight shoes can aggravate the problem; so can cutting too far down the side of the nail.

I perform nail surgery using the phenol-alcohol technique popularised by American Podiatrists.  This technique works well for most problematic ingrown toenails that have not responded to conservative care.

I also use incisional techniques.  The Winograd procedure is a wedge resection that includes removal of side of the nail plate and the nail lip, and is indicated for ingrown toenail with an overlapping skin groove.