Mr Ian Reilly MSc FCPodS FFPM RCPS(Glasg)

Corticosteroid drugs treat pain, inflammation, certain types of arthritis
and many other medical problems. They can be used in injectable form and
are helpful in treating many foot problems.

Treatment protocol

The steroids, methylprednisolone, betamethasone or triamcinolone, are given
via injection mixed with local anaesthetic (to make the injection more
comfortable for you). This will make the area numb for a few hours. You
will be reviewed 4 to 6 weeks later, and the injection repeated if necessary,
to a maximum of three doses per year.

Steroid therapy may not be suitable for you if you:

  • Are suffering from a local or systemic infection
  • Have a viral infection or TB
  • Have a known hypersensitivity to any of the constituent agents

Steroid injections

Injection TherapySharp pain, aching or stiffness on the bottom of one or both heels is a very common ailment may be due a condition known as plantar fasciitis.

Corticosteroids can be injected locally for an anti-inflammatory effect.

Injection Therapy

For osteoarthritis, they are injected intra-articularly to relieve pain and increase mobility.

I also use other injectables to treat painful musculoskeletal conditions of the foot, including sodium hyaluronate for painful joints and fillers for soft tissue defects.

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